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The Windows Vista of Apple

Yes. I feel your pain. That little bar at the bottom of your screen is no longer visible after you upgraded to macOS Catalina.

Well, here I am, to help you before Apple does.

Open a terminal.

How? — you may ask — my dock doesn’t exist. …

Avoiding detection of the use of compromised credentials

A few weeks ago there was an attack on Capital One’s AWS infrastructure that lead to the compromise of personal information on around 100M people.

email from AWS warning against S3 buckets with public access
AWS is putting great effort in avoiding S3 buckets configured for public access

When I read the initial reports, I thought the root cause was the usual “S3 bucket with public permissions” (S3 is a distributed object storage…

Least privilege vs complexity explosion

I’ve been doing some research on credentials compromise and abuse in AWS. In the process, it was obvious that the main mitigation would be (is) to minimise the permissions assigned to the EC2 instance profile, applying the “least privilege principle”.

It shows two children on a cobbled road that disappears into the sea. It shows how a road can be difficult to follow.
When the path is difficult to follow

However, sometimes assigning permissions is tricky and it is not…

Us vs them

These days I’m reading a fascinating book on Roman History called SPQR. And I’ve discovered Roman History is full of lessons for today’s world.

As a small token, a line from Plautus, a Roman writer, that appeared in some of his books.

Demophilus wrote this, Plautus barbarised it.

As Mary…

Migrating to cloud Bitbucket

UPDATE: A few days after publication, the documentation now includes some examples. Well done, Atlassian.

Most people in the software industry know Jira. For better or for worse, it’s the most used product for managing tickets, requests, bugs…

The company behind that product, Atlassian, has other products. One of them…

A bunch of ideas while commuting

For many people not living in the UK, it will come as a surprise that the railway system in London is quite expensive and provides a really bad service.

Train service is not a theme park. It affects people’s lives

Some of my Spanish readers will think “surely that cannot be true”. After all, railway was born in the UK. …

Disappointment with the book 1776

I enjoy buying books.

I read physical books too.

I enjoy starting them.

Honestly, finishing books is more difficult for me. But I’ve been trying to improve on that.

I was very excited when I bought ‘1776' by David McCullough. The title is a reference to the year when American Independence was proclaimed. However the…

I’ll start sharing a secret.

I want to launch a business.

Yes, I know many people in the tech industry are in the same situation. They’ve got some burning idea to launch or some dream to fulfil. A side-project going on for ages.

I do have a number of brilliant…

A longer explanation than the usual email

Dear recruiter,

Thank you for contacting. At the moment I’m not looking for a job.

Kind regards,


This is a bit impersonal.

I know. I’m sorry. The alternative is the above email for everyone.

You have some desired technologies under your belt.

Yes, I know.

Are you happy in…

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